Group Members


Principal Investigator

Gerard Wysocki

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Ph.D., Applied Physics, J. Kepler University, Linz, Austria (2003)

M.S., Electronics, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland (1999)

Email: gwysocki(at)princeton(dot)edu


Linhan Shen

Ph.D., California Institute of Technology in Chemistry (2018)

Email: linhans(at)princeton(dot)edu

Graduate Students

Nicholas Kosan

Undergraduate: University of Central Florida (2019)

email: nkosan(at)princeton(dot)edu

Baichuan Huang

Undergraduate: UC Berkeley (2020)

email: baichuan(at)princeton(dot)edu

Jie Liu

Undergraduate: Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (2018)

Email: jl73(at)princeton(dot)edu

Michael Soskind

Undergraduate: Rutgers University (2017)

Email: soskind(at)princeton(dot)edu

Charles Link Patrick

Undergraduate: Boise State University (2015)

Email: linkpatrick(at)princeton(dot)edu

Former Graduate Students

Yifeng Chen (Ph.D.)
      thesis: High-bandwidth processing of heterodyne spectroscopic signals for remote and extractive chemical sensing
      Currently: NEO Monitors, Norway

Chu (Cheyenne) Teng (Ph.D.)
      thesis:  Mitigation of coherent noise and spectral interference in integrated and free-space mid-infrared laser spectrometers
      Currently: Pendar Technologies, US

Lukasz A. Sterczewski (Ph.D.)
      thesis: Signal processing in terahertz and mid-infrared spectroscopy with frequency combs
      Currently: California Institute of Technology | CIT · Jet Propulsion Laboratory

 Genevieve Plant (Ph.D.)
      thesis: Chirped Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy: Fundamentals and Applications
      Currently: Research Fellow at University of Michigan

  Eric Zhang (Ph.D.)
      thesis: Noise mitigation techniques for high-precision laser spectroscopy and integrated photonic chemical sensors
      Currently: IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, NY

  Charles Zha

  Alex Hallden-Abberton (M. Eng.)

  Yin Wang (Ph.D.)
      thesis: Development of Novel Mid-Infrared Spectrometers based on Quantum Cascade Lasers
      Currently: CEO of HealthyPhoton, China

  Clinton Smith (Ph.D.)
      thesis: High-accuracy laser spectrometers for wireless trace-gas sensor networks
      Currently: Research Engineer at PARC, Palo Alto, CA

  Tracy Tsai (Ph.D.)
       thesis: External cavity quantum cascade lasers for spectroscopic applications
      Currently: System Engineer at Picarro, Santa Clara, CA

Former Post-docs

Jonas Westberg
     Currently: NEO Monitors, Norway

Rafal Lewicki
     Currently: Intense, North Brunswick, NJ

Andreas Hangauer  
      Currently: Siemens, München, Germany

 Brian Brumfield 
      Currently: Physical Sciences Inc., Andover, MA

  Michal Nikodem 
      Currently: Fiber Optics Group Leader at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland

  Maung Lwin 
      Currently: Patent Examiner at the USPTO

  Kale Franz 
      Currently: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

  Stephen So 
      Currently: CEO of Sentinel Photonics

Other Group Alumni

  Georg Spinner (Visiting Graduate Student - ETH Zurich)

  Celine Stein (Visiting Graduate Student - Princeton University)

  Oscar Marchat (Visiting Graduate Student - ETH Zurich)

  Rafal Lewicki (Visiting Graduate Student - Rice University)

  Xue Huang (Visiting Graduate Student - Princeton University)

  Stacey Huang (Undergraduate - Princeton University)

  Mariah Krimchansky (Undergraduate - Princeton University)

  Zachariah Moustafa (Undergraduate - Princeton University)

  Jeannie Wilkening (Undergraduate - University of Arizona)

  Michael Soskind (Undergraduate - Rutgers University)

  Michael Silvernagel (Undergraduate - Notre Dame)

  Justin Gourary (Undergraduate - Princeton University)

  Brendan Lamarre (Undergraduate - Colorado College)

  Ethan Julius (Undergraduate - Cornell University)

  Oscar Li (Undergraduate - Princeton)

  Jake Hoyne (Undergraduate - Princeton)

  Jeff Schreiber (Undergraduate - Princeton)

  Waqqas Khan (Undergraduate - Princeton)

  Betina Evancha (Undergraduate - Princeton)

  Chelsea Graf (Undergraduate - Princeton)

  Evan D. Jeng (Undergraduate - Princeton)

  David C. Krueger (Undergraduate - Princeton)

  Joshua Newman (Undergraduate - Princeton)

  Charles Heaps (Undergraduate - Princeton)

  Joshua Anderson (Undergraduate - Seattle Pacific University)

  Aishwarya Sridhar (Undergraduate - Princeton)