Princeton University Laser Sensing Laboratory

About the PULSe Lab

The PULSe (Princeton University Laser Sensing) group conducts research which is primarily focused on the development of mid-infrared laser spectroscopic instrumentation for applications in trace gas detection and chemical sensing. The target applications range from atmospheric chemistry, environmental monitoring and bio-medical research, to industrial emissions and process control.

Beijing during 2008 Olympics

Good and bad air quality day in Beijing, China. Sensor deployment campaign during 2008 Summer Olympics    

Our current research activities include:

  • Ultra-sensitive mid-IR laser spectroscopic systems for remote or in-situ, non-invasive, rapid chemical analysis
  • Novel widely tunable laser sources for high resolution molecular spectroscopic applications
  • Distributed laser spectroscopic trace-gas sensor networks

Contact Us:

Gerard Wysocki
Associate Professor
Princeton University, ECE Dept.
B324 Engineering Quad
Princeton, NJ 08544

Phone: 609-258-8187
Fax: 609-258-2158
E-mail: gwysocki(at)princeton(dot)edu